Santtu, the Horse in the Living Room is Back!

Apr 3, 2019Events


“It’s hard!”


“Just focusing on one thing…”

“New perspectives, new angles”

“I want to draw more”


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I don’t know where to start to talk about our session in Merikaapelihalli with Santtu, Mimi and you. It was a rich day! The energy was flowing, lots of focus and hard work. Marika Andersson shared some photos of the day below. All credits go to her.

I am impressed by some drawings I saw. Some of you managed to really capture the essence of what you saw and felt. You were brave enough to acknowledge that sometimes you felt overwhelmed by some ways to approach drawing. You slowed down and gave time to your brain. You were always willing to keep trying.

Apologies that sometimes it was hard to hear everything I was saying. I will ensure to pay more attention next time. Do not hesitate to share with me some comments or questions.

To make up for the sound, I want to share with you some absolutely gorgeous pictures that Katja Hautamäki took. Please enjoy and remember that all credits go to her ©KatjaHautamäki.

Also I want to thank Viola Kantola, owner of Santtu, Mimi and the herd. She is a kind of “horse whisperer” and this is why Santtu is so calm and willing to talk to us. Do not hesitate to visit them at Annalan Talli

And last but not least. Go drawing. Whether it is your donkey, or the elk that passed by, your partner asleep or your favorite tea pot. Take a pencil and a piece of paper. Draw, just draw 😉

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