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What style do you like?


What is the style you like the most: Do you like drawings or paintings? Equine art or nature scenes?  Nordic landscapes and their endless forests, French countryside, green and hilly or warm colors of Italy?

Extract from the book Amazones published by Actes Sud – April 2024

SAND Marie(1972-)"Everything I know about art, I learned from the horse and nature" recalls the painter Sand. Employed in Washington by the World Wildlife Fund, the famous association campaigning for the preservation of the wild world, she attended the Washington...

Sami’s Emotion Portrait, the Style ambassador of Finland

Sami's Emotion Portrait, Suomen tyylin suurlähettiläsIf you are reading these words it's probably because you know Sami Sykkö. You know so many tiny things about him, his voice, his way of moving, his expressions, his love for fashion and travels...all these things...

Why this painting talks about freedom?

The Escape explores freedom within the group.This oil on canvas called The Escape represents a primary artwork for three reasons: :: It explores the fundamental value of freedom.:: It uses an ancestral painting technique known as grisaille.:: It is part of my research...

The story of a unique friendship and a gift of love

You like visual arts but you don’t know how to draw anymore. It has been ages you haven’t picked up a brush or a pencil.
Do me a favor. Listen to the story of Sigrid’s Emotion Portrait or how the chemistry between two people is the root cause of the art piece called The Gift of Love.

How to choose the best frame for your art piece?

Do you find it difficult to choose the frame that will enhance your interior and the art you love? Do you feel overwhelmed by the numerous options you have? Do you know how to guide your framer so that he/she makes what you really want? The frame around a work of art...

Explore your imagination

There are so many simple ways to stimulate your creativity and feed your sensitivity. Let me guide you…

If you were an emotion?


Have you ever wondered what kind of sensitivity your personality most aligns with?

Visual art and sensitivity have this in common: It is hard to put words on it. But it’s not because we can’t talk about something that it doesn’t exist.

So I decided to skip the words part, I devised an intuitive test that connects drawing styles with sensitivity profiles.

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Marie Sand peintre équestre



Through my art, I help dreamers celebrating their connection with nature. I use nature and horses to interpret what people feel and translate their sensitivity into drawing or painting.

Hypersensitive and raised with social conventions that discouraged the expression of emotions, I first attempted to adapt to the external world by denying my emotions until “I was out of my feeling”.

At age 25, I was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease that turned my life upside down. I started to paint again. I connected with nature through my work with the World Wildlife Fund.

I was very impressed to meet with communities who live everyday in an hostile nature like in Namibia. It gave me the courage to face my sensitivity.

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