Visit the Fairy Trail | A French Secret to Enjoy Finnish Winter

Oct 19, 2018News, Series

You are invited to walk along the Fairy Trail! For those who couldn’t make it in Helsinki, here is the virtual pop up show! It is colorful, intimate and warm like honey. It’s winter in Finland…Since I moved to to Northern Europe, I have received the good fortune of fairies.

Throughout the year, mostly in winter time, I followed the fairies ‘signs. I sat down outside and painted what a fairy had shown to me. I know winter is associated with darks, colds, and sad faces 🙁 but what if you could see it from another angle?

Click each image to see details and sales conditions; Beware of the size of image in real life, the serie has many small sizes.

Below is a triptych from the Aland Islands in Southern Finland. This archipelago is pink! Each painting can be sold separatly. They have a floater frame.

And you? Are you a morning or an evening person? Maybe both…Click to get the title and see what I mean 🙂

Or maybe you are a forest person. Lots of wisdom and spiritual spaces that Fairies showed me.

A selection of pieces with this impossible combinaton of yellow and violet  so typical in Finland. This was such discovery for me but also a source of ambiguous discomfort and inspiration. In Southern Europe, blue and orange are the two dominant complementary colors, very different from Finland.

A trail without unicorns isn’t a fairy trail; alors voilà!

If you are curious about the framing, those photos show the type of frame or passe partout the pieces will be delivered to you. Each piece is ready to hang, especially if you think of a nice gift to someone you love.

Share how you see winter, do you see the violets and yellows? can you feel how comforting can be the grey sky? ow crispy the air gets? Share, share your fascination for this season!

Visit here how it looks to paint outside in Finnish winter

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