4 Ways to Celebrate your Sensitivity

Mar 22, 2018Sensitivity tips

1. Walk in a forest or with flowers in the metro

Did you know that trees communicate and protect each other by generating hormones? When you walk in a forest, your heart beat slows down, your senses awake and your brain gets oxygenated. A Japanese researcher found that people’s brains relax when they see trees and enjoy the smell of forest. And if you don’t live next to a forest, here is quick fix : get a beautiful bouquet of freshly cut flowers and take it with you on your way to work. You will see smiles in the metro!

2. Take a deep breath

Have you ever heard about self-hypnosis ? Well I did. So I bought this book from the 80’s written by two experts who explain how to relax and enter in hypnotic trances. Active and passive relaxation are the two ways I like the most. In the end, I don’t know if I really practice self-hypnosis but I know that I feel incredibly relaxed after twenty minutes of deep breathing. It is also a wonderful to tap into your intuitive mind. Click here to see the book “Self-Hypnosis, the Complete Manual for Health and Self-Change”

3. Go to essential

Ask yourself :
Is it urgent and important ?
Important and not urgent ?
Urgent and not important ?
Not urgent and not important ?

We can only execute two or three things planned per day. Productivity experts agree that four hours of focus is the absolute maximum you can get per day. So be jealous of your time. If you want to dig deeper, adopt the bullet journal. Magic!

4. Visit permanent collections

Watching one piece of art is enough! No need to wait for the next crowded exhibition. You can simply enjoy a permanent art collection. You will be by yourself most of the time. When you see a piece you like, just stare at it. Let your imagination flow. No need to see the entire show! If you live in DC, you can go to the National Gallery of Art and see this bijou.

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