A Horse in the Living Room of Helsinki! Art Happening

Feb 5, 2018Events

“Totally lost the sense of time”

“I felt ME!”

“Very focused and intense”

“I felt I was an important piece in the universe”

“Everything was flowing nicely”

“Energetic and relaxing”


Featured in Helsingin Sanomat!

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This is what happens when you let go and decide to brave the ‘I can’t draw’.

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Our super models were Santtu, a young golden Welsh horse and Mimi, the old and wise shetland.
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When tired, you just need a Galette des Rois or a Madeleine!

If you missed it, this art happening featured a live horse and poney surrounded by a courageous group of talented participants who drew the horse this afternoon of January 20, 2018.

It happened in one of the coolest art place in Helsinki, the Cable Factory. Warm and heated atmosphere while it was freezing outside. This is how life is in Finland. Gorgeous 🙂

Thank you to Viola at Annaland talli team and to Lotta at Hallskulla. Enthusiastic horse professionals and real horse lovers. For those who haven’t participated but would like to, sign up here

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