Two places and the new normal…

May 26, 2020Spaces, Stories

At a time when we can loosen up but can’t travel that far yet, I invite you to two places: An emotional place and a physical one.

The emotional place, or “the new normal”

At the beginning of all of this (i.e. the pandemic), I felt relieved. Relieved because I was ready to immerse myself in the creation process. Was it also a way to numb the fear associated with the virus? Of course I felt guilty of these “selfish” feelings to find out through my conversations with you that we were sharing a similar state of mind! :: How many of you have wished to spend more time with themselves? With loved-ones? :: How many of you have hoped to reduce travels and things to do? :: How many of you have wished to enjoy nature and a simpler daily routine? This new normal allowed me to spend more time looking by the window. I have immersed myself into the life of the tree I can see every day from my window. He was naked at the time. He has now so many yellow green leaves… I have explored what I was really missing, what was really important.

Spring from the window and the new normal, oil on canvas, 30 x 23 cm | 12 x 9′

This painting came to me.

It feels slightly weird. I am not sure where it comes from. But it is a true reflection of the mood of the day. Weird. A place of discomfort and growth. A new normal?

The second place is located in Northern Lapland.

It is a kingdom, a secret space, a place of deep nature.

I feel so grateful I could enjoy and visit it twice last year.

It is located 6 km from Kárášjohka (Northern Sami) or about Karasjok (Norwegian) or Kaarasjoki (Kven). It is a municipality in Finnmark county, Norway (looks like a first scene from a James Bond movie).

No words or paintings this time. Just a video.

Wherever you travel, I love sharing this journey with you. Thank you for being here.

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Photo credit: ©Juliette Frank de Cusey

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