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One common practice among artists is the act of copying paintings from the masters. This age-old tradition serves as a way to develop skills, understand techniques, build a visual vocabulary, connect closely with a master we admire and give a personal interpretation of a common subject.

I love Degas’s work. This interpretation of a dancer was a way to get into Degas’s visual world. It is called Lonely to honor Degas’s unique personality. I have used gouache on cardboard.

Degas was known for his intense passion for art. He was determined to make a significant impact, dedicating his life to his craft. Despite his outgoing and sociable exterior in certain circles, he was a private and reserved individual. He valued his personal space and kept a certain distance from the public eye. Degas was a meticulous craftsman. He paid great attention to technical details. This piece reinterprets his world.

Format 33 x 26 cm (42 x 36 encadré) | 13 x 10 ¼’ (16 ½  x 14 ¼  framed)


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