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Sep 18, 2018News

Discover extracts of the article about my work in Gloria magazine, through the words of Jenna Kämäräinen and the lens of Anni Koponen

Compliments to Finland


“Marie has been living in Helsinki for more than a year now. She is impressed with Finland, its nature and people. It had an impact on her painting.

« Colors here are totally different than in France. They are much brighter. In France, the main hues are blue and orange but, here, yellow and purple dominate. Colors of my palette have entirely changed. Finnish nature stimulates new areas of my brain […]

« In winter, days are short but the few hours of light are very intense », says Marie, and in fact she paints outside even when it freezes.

Senses translated into images


“Marie remembers very well when she has found her own way of creating. She is sitting in her apartment in Paris. She draws a horse from memory. Her eyes are closed. Her hand is moving freely on the paper. Suddenly she smells the barn, the fresh hay and the herd.

«I will bever forget this moment. When I realized I was drawing with all my senses, with my memory and feelings »,  remembers Marie

This Aha moment has been critical in Marie Sand’s career. When she works with a client, colors and theme are not the only elements she takes into account. She interviews the client relying on her or his five senses. For example, for the smell, Marie takes different perfumes with her. The client describes what he or she remembers; is it soft like a strawberry, does it have the tangy taste of the vinegar, or maybe the sweetness of honey?


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