Green Friday

Here is a selection of paintings and drawings for Green Friday that make you want to slow down, take care and give back. 10% of the sale price will be donated to a local association against animal abandonment and abuse ACAMA 43. Last year, we healed, sterilized and gave for adoption a group of 19 cats left in an old barn after the death of their owner, my neighbor. This year, we will give the fund directly to the local association for other projects.

I was interested in Green Friday versus Black Friday because it’s at the intersection between exchanging, sharing and protecting, taking care.

Here you will find a selection of gift ideas for art lovers decorate your home in an authentic and sustainable way. Equestrian paintings and drawings or representations of landscapes from France, Finland and elsewhere that make you want to slow down and take the time to appreciate nature and the beautiful things that surround us.


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